Monday, February 27, 2017

More Quilting

I'm still chugging along, quilting my Berry Delicious quilt. Today I did the top left block:
And completed the bottom right block:
So the three largest blocks are finished, and all the other blocks have some quilting. But with lots still to do and February ending tomorrow, it is unlikely this UFO will be finished this month.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Belladonna Lilies

First "naked ladies" or belladonna lily flowers opening:
Amaryllis belladonna

There are some white ones, too, but no sign of them yet.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Eyes on this Rose

On Thursday when we put together the baby quilt, a quilting friend brought along this "Eyes for You" rose flower to show me:
It has perfume, an unusual colour arrangement, and quite a pretty form. It is lovely! It had lost a few petals in transit, and unfortunately the rest of them dropped off as I was rushing to get to my train on the way home. But when I got home I popped it in a vase, and today the little bud opened up:
Reading up on it I discovered that it is also supposed to be unaffected by blackspot and mildew. I will keep an eye out for one to add to the garden (and protect from wallabies) in winter.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Group Baby Quilt

Sometime over the last month, I made this:
Which seems like an odd thing to make all on its own.

Today I took it to my Melbourne CBD get-together, where it joined a bunch of similar strips:
Last month here we bought a pattern, Baby Nine Patch Stripes by Baby Aardvark, and that yellow alphabet fabric which we each took a piece of to incorporate in our strip. And although we all worked individually, many of us put the feature fabric in roughly the same place in our strip.

A bit of strip re-arranging and re-sewing went on to re-distribute the elements:

When the strips were joined together this is what we had:
One of our number is a professional long-arm quilter, so she will quilt it for us before our next meeting. Another has an embroidery machine and will make a label for us. Another will machine on the binding, so we can all do the hand stitching at the next meeting. Then it will be ready to present to the manager of the café where we lunch each month, before she stops work to care for her impending new arrival.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I filled in the rest of this block with a few lines on the table and basket, and outlines around the cherries:
Not a great photo again. Hopefully one day soon I can take it outside and photograph it in good light.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Piecing Day

I enjoyed my first "Sit & Sew" day of the week, and got all the prepared units pieced:
Vivienne who runs the group set two challenges for us to complete during the year! That wasn't in my plans, as I intended concentrating on existing projects this year rather than starting any more. Now I'm trying to think of very small pieces I could make that would fulfil the requirements.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I needed to take a break from quilting, so today did some simple piecing:
This is four of about a dozen units I made of Bonnie Hunter's "Carolina Chain" pattern. In the final quilt the units are assembled into blocks like this, then set on point. But I'm just making units, not blocks, at the moment.

In the coming week I have four "Sit & Sew" days! Four in one week is a bit much. They are all events that only happen once a month, but it would be better it they were spread out through the month. The first one (Tuesday) is at a venue where I can take my machine, so I cut all the components to make a bunch more of these chain units:
Now I need to find things to do on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.