Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hen or Rooster?

A member of the extended family obtained this young chook a couple of months ago. They've been waiting for it to start laying eggs, but instead it has started crowing:
It is not unknown for hens to occasionally crow, but as the family live in a suburban area, a crowing bird is not going to be good for neighbourhood harmony.
So yesterday she/he came to stay with us for a while. We are keeping him/her separate from our chooks, although in sight of them so it doesn't feel too alone. The owners do not know what breed the bird might be. It is only a few months old, but this chook is already much bigger than any of our hens. That could be because it is a meat breed rather than an egg-laying breed, or it could just be that it is a rooster.

What do you think?

Friday, March 16, 2018


42! The answer to life, the universe and everything. And only 10(ish) weeks to come for the year quilt. This year has flown by.

I thought this week would be predominantly yellow, so I took a few photos of yellow things around the garden.

Rose Friesia:

A cucumber flower:

Golden edges on the ginkgo leaves:

Liquidambar leaves also starting to turn:

But today the temperature just reached into the orange zone:

16/03/2018    25.2    orange
15/03/2018    19.2    green
14/03/2018    22.6    yellow
13/03/2018    21.2    yellow
12/03/2018    19.2    green
11/03/2018    24.4    yellow
10/03/2018    33.9    red

So my week 42 temperature rosette isn't quite as yellow as I expected:

Linked to Sarah's weekly Weather Report.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Last year I bought a packet of zinnia "Queen Lime Red" seeds. They were not cheap. There were supposed to be 25 seeds in the packet, although I think it was a few short. Anyway, I started them in the greenhouse in spring, and although they didn't all germinate, I ended up with 5 plants to put into the garden. They went into the ground on 7th January, and started flowing towards the end of January.

Here's how they look today:
I'm hoping some of these flowers will set seeds before the cooler weather sets in.
You might notice that the plant on the left above has no "lime" petals. Apart from that, these three plants have the sort of flowers I was expecting.

The other two, not quite!

This one has lots of flowers, but the plant is quite spindly and has few leaves. The flowers are more of a single form:
And this one is closer to orange:
It is also a rather spindly plant, and has only had the two flowers you can see in the photo.

So any seeds I do manage to get from the plants I like, may have been fertilised by either of the last two and thus may produce flowers not at all like Queen Lime Red. It is a bit frustrating because I was hoping to gather plenty of seeds this year, and have more plants next year, rather than paying an exorbitant amount for a small number of seeds as I did this time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More Charity Blocks

Today seemed like a good day for some mindless sewing. Using some donated fabric, I started work on four:
and finished with six:
more Quartered Squares blocks for the guild's upcoming "Quilts of Love" sewing bee day.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Lunch and Dinner

If you make a full size batch of dough you might have to make more pizzas than you intended, and then you have to eat pizza for both lunch and dinner.
First of a few.

The oven was hot. The dough was made. And apparently making them and putting them in the freezer wasn't an option! They were yummy, anyway.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


The weather bureau is predicting that we won't get any decent rain for another 6 weeks, which is a bit depressing as everything is so dry. It is hard to keep the garden going, but the danger from fires is increasing as everything dries out. The fire last Wednesday was apparently started by someone using an angle-grinder. Who knows what started this one?
Fire on Mt Buninyong, which was out of control for over an hour.

The mountain is about 12kms from here, and can't be seen from our place. But I went up the hill to the next-door neighbours' house to see what they could see:
Smoke on the mountain.

No-one would be using an angle-grinder on a walking track through a forest on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe a cigarette butt?

No fires here today:
After a week of firing to dry it out, the pizza oven today got its final coats of paint.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Two Hours, Two Minutes

In a couple of hours at a sit and sew today I got this quilt basted:
Carolina Chain, designed by Bonnie Hunter. It has been a top since late August last year, but a few other projects took my attention since then. I tried to get it basted at a previous sit and sew but there wasn't room that day. So it is good to have it done - now I just have to decide how to quilt it!

In contrast to 2 hours I spent doing that, here's something that only took 2 minutes.
Into the pizza oven at 5:17:

In the oven at 5:18:
Finished at 5:19:
First pizza from the pizza oven! We now of course need some proper pizza oven tools, for getting pizzas into and out of the oven.