Friday, October 20, 2017

Warming Up

Week 21 looks a bit different:

I thought this might be my first week without aqua, but at the last minute (today) the temperature dropped back to winter again:

20/10/2017    13.3   aqua/teal
19/10/2017    22.5   yellow
18/10/2017    28.2   orange
17/10/2017    27.6   orange
16/10/2017    25.8   orange
15/10/2017    22.1   yellow
14/10/2017    15.9   green

Those warm days got things moving in the garden. Here's the first of the regular roses to open:
 Fragrant Plum.

Post linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report. This week there is a new participant, who has added her own terrific touches to the concept.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Edith Head in Bendigo

The Bendigo Art Gallery's latest exhibition is The Costume Designer: Edith Head and Hollywood.

I used my phone for photos inside the gallery, as photography is allowed but no flashes. My camera would not have been able to take shots like this:
Costumes worn by Dorothy Lamour (the tiny sarong), and Barbara Stanwyck (the black one and the white one). All those actresses seemed to have been very tiny - particularly around the waist!

As well as about 70 costumes (and not all of them are women's), there are photos and movie clips showing them being worn, sketches with fabric samples, an Oscar, and documentary films.

I was very interested in these items:
I had read that Edith Head had done some Vogue pattern designs, but I'd never seen any before.

Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt has a regular series of posts called "Seamstresses in Fine Art". I'm always amazed by her finds, as I don't remember ever seeing a painting in that category in a gallery. Until today! This painting is elsewhere in the Bendigo Gallery:
Amalie Colquhoun, Australia, 1894 - 1974. The Bridesmaid, c1942.
Not a great photograph of it, as it is very high up on the wall.

This wonderful shady flowering tree grabbed my attention:

The shade was inviting as it was 30 degrees in Bendigo - higher than expected, so I wasn't dressed for the weather. The tree is a horse chestnut. There are a couple of smaller ones in the adjoining park:
 Just gorgeous!
 And bees love them, too:

The Edith Head exhibition is on until January. Worth the trip if you are at all interested in movies or costumes.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Not accurate colour, in reality it is a warmer purple.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stitching Stars

Back in September I started sewing these stars together:
I've worked on them at Sit & Sew days since them, including today. But if these stars are going to fill this hoop in time for our quilt show (4th and 5th November - only 2 and half weeks away), I better get stitching at home as well as at sewing days:

Linked to Sarah's Hexie Linky-Party, even though there are no hexagons in this project.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Here's one I missed when I was running round photographing flowers yesterday:
The lilac tree in the back yard.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Explosion of Flowers

Everywhere I look in the garden flowers are popping open!


Rugosa rose:
Other roses have buds forming, but I was surprised to find open flowers on this rugosa already.

Babiana in several colours:



Red hot poker:

Lewisia in various shades:

The very last of the daffodils and jonquils planted in the "lawn" are these double-somethings:

And here's a photo taken with my new phone, which uses very different proportions:
This is Hypocalymma angustifolia, a cute little native plant I bought at the Willows Quilt Show last October.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week Twenty

Last week I mentioned that the 7-day forecast didn't include any aqua/teal days, but look what happened:
Three teal days!

13/10/2017   13.9    aqua/teal
12/10/2017   14.4    aqua/teal
11/10/2017   19.7    green
10/10/2017   18.9    green
9/10/2017     14.6    aqua/teal
8/10/2017     22.8    yellow
7/10/2017     19.8    green

Should I mention that the forecast for the coming week also includes no aqua/teal days? That in fact it has two green days and the rest yellow or orange?